SmarterMail Spam blocking and filtering Default Spam Filter Configuration

Spam Blocking

Email will be blocked if the spam "score" is over 30. The following is a list of spam blocking criteria used and the filter point weight they add. 

  • Domain is listed by Barracuda: 30 points

  • Domain is listed by SpamCop: 20 points

  • Domain is listed by SpamHaus SBL+XBL: 20 points

  • Domain is listed by 20

  • SPF Hard fail (SPF record does not match originating IP): 30 points

  • SPF soft fail: 10 points

  • No Reverse DNS: 10 points

  • Any message scoring 30 or more on the above criteria will be blocked and will not enter your inbox or junk mail box

    Spam Filtering

    Default Spam Filter Configuration 

    Low Probability of Spam 
    Weight Threshold: 10 points 
    Default Action: Move to Junk E-Mail folder 

    Medium Probability of Spam
    Weight Threshold: 20 points 
    Default Action: Move to Junk E-Mail folder 

    High Probability of Spam 
    Weight Threshold: 30 points 
    Default Action: Delete the Message 

    Listed below are the available options for the Domain Admin to override the Default Spam Filter Configuration of the SmarterMail spam filter.
  • Take No Action

  • Prefix Subject Line With Text (example: spam-low)

  • Move to Junk E-Mail folder

  • Delete the Message

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