DotNetNuke Migration to WebSecureStores hosting

Q. What are the steps required to migrate a previously built DNN website to my WebSecureStores hosting plan?

A. We can migrate your site to WebSecureStores free just create a new support ticket to request a migration.

Steps required to migrate your previously built DotNEtNuke website to WebSecureStores hosting plan on your own.

1. FTP upload DotNetNuke site files to the wwwroot directory.

2. FTP upload your SQL database backup (.bak format) file to the DB folder.

3. Create a new SQL database in the control panel.

4. Restore the SQL database bak file using the SQL database restore tool to the newly created SQL database.

5. Edit the web.config file inside the WWWroot folder to include the new sql database server, username, and password.

6. If DNS is not resolved yet create the temporary domain name. (IF DNS is resolved skip step 6 and 7)

7. Login to the SQL database with SQL management studio that you just restored and add the temporary domain name to the portal alias table.

8. Make sure you have correct Asp.Net version selected. Asp.Net 2.x will work for most DotNetNuke sites up to 6.x version.

9. Browse to the site. Try using the temporary domain name if DNS is not resolved.



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