Alternate SMTP Port to use when your ISP blocks port 25


Internet Service Providers commonly block port 25. This is the port that most email clients use by default to send email messages. The Internet Service Providers do this to try to reduce the spam coming from there network. Some Internet Service Providers only block port 25 when they have a large increase in spam then will unblock it once the spam is stopped. This can cause your email client to fail to send email from your local computer if port 25 is blocked. We support an alternate SMTP port 112 to send email to avoid this problem from occuring. You will need to change the outgoing port to 112 in your email client.



To configure alternate SMTP port 112 for Outlook 2003 or newer follow the below steps.


1. From the menu item "Tools" select "Accounts." Click next. Click change button. Click the more settings button.


2. On the "Advanced" tab, By default, the SMTP port is probably set to '25' this number needs to be changed to "112".


3. Click Okay,next,finish.



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